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Explain it
to you

Some of our people love to speak and are really interesting. Whether it’s an in-house session to a group of sponsors, a large international conference on projects and programs, or a virtual session; we can provide the right speaker.

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We have some extremely experienced people available for consulting. People who have reflected on what worked and what didn’t; and have the ability to transfer that knowledge and experience at the same time as you’re benefiting from it.

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Do it
for you

RNC Global can provide you with project, program and portfolio administrators, managers and directors to deliver your outcomes with whatever methods and tools your organisation uses. We fit in easily and can get going quickly.

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Turning Red Projects Green

Sometimes things go wrong.

The problem is that no matter why they’re going wrong sometimes they have to be made right, quickly, quietly and effectively.

RNC started as a specialist in righting projects, programs and portfolios that for whatever reason were struggling. It’s become our trademark and our reputation has been built on it.

Fixing failing projects takes a higher order skill, it’s a specialist area and we work hard to attract people who are really good at it.

In almost all cases we start our relationships with the clients by sorting out and delivering challenged projects, programs and portfolios.

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Red Projects

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Key Concepts

This is a series of answers to the questions I’m asked all the time. If you have a question not covered, please contact me and I’ll do my best. These key concepts are information that you can use straight away and which doesn’t need a background in the art or science. We believe that if we can’t explain it to you so you get it, we’re not doing our job properly.

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