RNC People

Project people with that something extra. People who love to deliver, people who choose to be project, program or portfolio leaders. People whose ego rests in you getting the outcome you want.

People who know and work with tools and methods but never let them be considered an end in themselves. RNC projects are successful when you say so.

RNC recruits and retains people with that ‘something extra’.

  • People who know it’s not about them, but about the client getting their outcome.
  • People who have the client’s interest at heart and aren’t striving to sell them more people.
  • People who know process and procedure and tools are important but that they aren’t the reason for the project.
  • People committed to delivering what the client wants, never what we think they should want (though we do ask the right questions and challenge decisions and approaches.
  • Multilingual and multicultural people who can work in and across organisations whatever they use and wherever they are.

RNC people wholly understand that you start a project to get an outcome. Clients never start a project to observe the science of project management. RNC people follow process and procedure but never use them as a proxy for success.

RNC requires our people to attend training regularly to keep abreast, not just in the project space but also in the world in which our clients operate. It’s not enough to be able to run projects, we’ve got to be able to run them in our client’s environment.

We’ve developed two expert standings as the ‘go to’ people for:

  1. Remediating/turning around/fixing and delivering ‘red’ projects and programs; and
  2. Delivering projects and programs from the start when the outcome really matters.

When the project or program matters, it really does matter who manages it.

You can find more information in ‘What We Do’.