Our Story

To spare people and organisations from project failure, RNC Global Projects (RNC) was founded, by Diane Dromgold, in 1999. RNC’s expert specialty is fixing up flailing and failing projects; turning red to green and delivering.

RNC has grown to over 70 project and program people with clients including:

  • 16 of the top 100 ASX companies
  • 9 of the world’s largest banks
  • 11 technology companies
  • 7 wealth management clients
  • 8 biotechnology companies
  • 7 start ups
  • 4 insurance companies
  • 3 of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies
  • 3 digital currency players
  • 3 superannuation companies
  • 2 aged care providers
  • State and federal government organisations
  • Several Not-for-Profits
  • Various others in manufacturing, engineering, travel and health.

RNC also delivers projects, programs and portfolios, from their start and has delivered large and small projects throughout the world. With offices in Asia, the United States, and Australia, RNC is positioned to help clients wherever we’re needed.

See ‘Where We Work’ for our comprehensive client summary.

RNC People

Project people with that something extra. People who love to deliver, people who choose to be project, program or portfolio leaders. People whose ego rests in you getting the outcome you want.

People who know and work with tools and methods but never let them be considered an end in themselves. RNC projects are successful when you say so.

RNC recruits and retains people with that ‘something extra’.

  • People who know it’s not about them, but about the client getting their outcome.
  • People who have the client’s interest at heart and aren’t striving to sell them more people.
  • People who know process and procedure and tools are important but that they aren’t the reason for the project.
  • People committed to delivering what the client wants, never what we think they should want (though we do ask the right questions and challenge decisions and approaches.
  • Multilingual and multicultural people who can work in and across organizations whatever they use and wherever they are.

RNC people wholly understand that you start a project to get an outcome. Clients never start a project to observe the science of project management. RNC people follow process and procedure but never use them as a proxy for success.

RNC requires our people to attend training regularly to keep abreast, not just in the project space but also in the world in which our clients operate. It’s not enough to be able to run projects, we’ve got to be able to run them in our client’s environment.

We’ve developed two expert standings as the ‘go to’ people for:

  1. Remediating/turning around/fixing and delivering ‘red’ projects and programs; and
  2. Delivering projects and programs from the start when the outcome really matters.

When the project or program matters, it really does matter who manages it.

You can find more information in ‘What We Do’.


Diane Dromgold

I started RNC to address five problems:

  • The increasing market frustration with project failure and consequences
  • The increasing focus on process and procedure over delivering the outcome
  • The disconnect between what people want from projects and what project managers want to do
  • To put the outcome back in projects
  • To put the client back in the driver’s seat

Having chosen project delivery as a career and honed my craft working for the Federal Government, Qantas, Philips, and KPMG I decided to strike out and start a project service that would give clients certainty.

The market was and remains, crowded with people and companies offering project management as a service.

From a client’s perspective it’s almost impossible to see which ones do project management and which ones manage projects.

The remedy I saw was to offer project turnaround services. RNC started with one single offering, to fix and deliver failing or troubled projects.

That offering was clear, accessible, relevant and in demand.

Very few businesses have RNC’s offering and track record.

I regularly present at conferences on topics ranging from the basic how-to of running projects, to the latest thinking and approaches in project, program and portfolio management.

I’ve authored one book, contributed to several others and provided the foreword on a leading book on influence for project managers. Many of my presentations have been published in proceedings and other publications.

In 2014, RNC undertook a global study to determine the percentage allocation of organizational budgets on projects. The process and the findings fascinated me, and the answer is 40%.

In 2016, I’ve initiated a global research project into what makes projects succeed. This is being conducted by the University of Mary Washington, and will be conducted in real-time across several industries. Previously research in the area has focused on failure and conducted by post project reflection, with a large component of confirmation bias toward whichever solution the researchers promote. The thesis is there is something going on when projects succeed that isn’t present when they fail and just maybe that something has yet to be uncovered.

My biography is available on request, please contact RNC on +61 (0)2 9238 1990.