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Founded to fix and deliver failing or troubled projects

RNC Global Project's story

It’s a simple story really….

Diane Dromgold founded RNC in 1999 with a single goal. To get people and projects out of trouble and deliver the outcome wanted.

When asked how she’s done it, she replies simply that “it’s people who get projects into trouble and people who get them out of it. The trick is in knowing which will suit which and pointing them in the right direction”.

Diane sought advice and guidance from people she admired and who’d gone before, with the result that: 

Since those beginnings, RNC has reached the enviable situation of:

Message from Diane Dromgold

Like anyone who starts a business I’m proud of what RNC has achieved. I’m proud of the people who work with us and I’m proud of the contribution we’ve made to people and organisations.

But it’s no longer about me. Today RNC stands on its own, with great people who are sought by clients.

RNC is one of the few (if there are any others) where we don’t push a specific product or
approach. Our people are expert practitioners in working with whatever the client prefers and in the absence of client preference we are willing and able to explain the most suitable for your circumstances.

The bottom line is that we are people who together and individually totally get that you don’t want a project, you want what it will give you. Whether that’s a product you can sell, a merger on which you can realise efficiencies, integration of systems so you can get the right data at the right time, we get it. That’s what we focus on.

RNC is the right company when the project matters, you need to have confidence, you want to know where things are up to, you want to make the material decisions and you want your goal realised.

I can talk about all things project for hours and hours, so if you have any questions please call – no pressure and no obligation.

RNC has grown to over 70 project and program people with clients including:

RNC also delivers projects, programs and portfolios, from their start and has delivered large and small projects throughout the world. With offices in Asia, the United States, and Australia, RNC is positioned to help clients wherever we’re needed.