If only it was true (wishful thinking)

In all areas of life, there are things we wish were true and at work, it is no different.

It makes me wonder if wishful thinking is the problem when we should be facing up to reality.

Here are some of the things I think we wish were true.

  • People who work hard get promoted.
  • It’s how well you do your job that gets you noticed.
  • All people get paid the same for the same role.
  • People prefer to work with diverse teams, rather than teams full of people they ‘get’.
  • It’s always fair.
  • People are reasonable.
  • No-one gets bullied.
  • Everyone recognises how clever we are and how amazing our contribution is.
  • People like ‘us’ get to the top.
  • The boss is always reasonable.
  • You don’t have to ask for a raise, the boss knows what you’re worth.
  • You’re paid what you think you’re worth, not what the organisation thinks the role is worth.
  • Internal politics is discouraged and unimportant.
  • Social events out of hours aren’t important to be seen at.
  • Your ideas are the best and everyone ‘gets’ them straight away.
  • The good guys win.
  • Work is civilised.

Oh dear, I could go on and on.

Of course for each of these wishes, there is an apparent opposite that each of us can draw from our own experience. I wonder would more people be satisfied at work if we learned the opposites early on, accepted they are part of reality, and how to play within the real rules.

Real rules. Is anyone brave enough to call them out?

Do you have any things you wish were true?