Good morning, another beautiful morning here in Sydney and I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Over the weekend, my mind was vexed by a question. I put it to an AICD Group and it has generated some interesting comments, so I thought I’d ask you and see if you have any input. To my mind it’s a big question, sometimes asked over coffee when no one is listening and rarely with a clear answer. And so…

This is one of those uncomfortable questions. Uncomfortable because most people share a sense of what is right and yet… The question?

If you report to an executive who reports to the board, and you know the information you are providing is being sanitised what do you do?

Nothing – you report to the executive and that’s where your responsibility ends? Answer questions put to you by the board honestly? Or in line with the sanitised report? It’s a minefield and it seems the prevailing wisdom is “don’t rock the boat”. Thoughts?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, seeing if there is any consensus and perhaps even publishing an answer.

Oh, and this Friday there is a Blue Moon – so perhaps it’s time to do something that only happens once in a Blu….

Have a great week, call if you need me.