What Colour Is Your Project? Are You Sure?

Over the past decade more and more people and organisations have adopted the stop light image for reporting top level project, program and portfolio status.

Trouble is, nothing is ever that one dimensional. In fact if everyone is honest most projects, programs and portfolios spend their lives in dark orange. But I digress. If you’d like a more informative and reliable visual you can combine colours with a message.

For example – “If you’re looking back at today from three months out what colour do you think you should have reported then?”

Or: “Are you confident enough in this project, program or portfolio that you’d use it as a parachute?”

My favourite: “If this was my money and the impact was for my benefit what colour would I be using?”

Colour is good but the stoplights are too simplistic. Project leaders and sponsors will all benefit from more thought and relevance in reporting.

Happy to share with you anytime and help make sure the reports you are giving and getting tell the right story.