I attended and presented at the above conference last month. It’s a great privilege to be invited and to mix with Deans and Professors from the major business schools around the world come together to discuss themes emerging in the world and which the need to or are addressing in their courses and research. It was fun to watch the friendly banter and rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge. Alas no one (except me) from Oz attends but maybe next year it will be held in Australia.

As we know, nothing much changes in organisations except through projects so they have a session (which I presented) talking about the challenges and delights of delivering within organisations – and asking them to improve their courses to include the reality of delivering rather than the staid education currently offered focusing on the administrative aspects. But I digress.

The following is my interpretive summary of the conference.

The key areas of emerging need in management education are:

– Multidisciplinary management

– Effecting management through influence

– Deregulation – or parallel and unregulated systems

– The rise of the Arab states and the modifications we need to make to management approaches

– The rise against profit.

Each of these areas deserve a more detailed review so I’ll come back with them.

If, in the meantime you’d like more info on any of these headings please just give me a call.