The final topic I collected from the AGMS (Association of Global Management Studies) was – The rise against profit – a very interesting topic to finish on.

In light of the topics that have gone before (some of which I covered in earlier emails) it might seem a natural fit that there would be discussion about the evils of profit. And, what would management schools do to teach it?

Basically it’s the age old discussion about fair and equitable returns on risk and effort. It seems there are a lot of people believing that enterprises should feed their players nicely but all overage should go to “others”.

There was a lot of discussion about the drive for profit causing corruption and a reported link between spiritual poverty and corruption, and the need for the well-off to share more.

And then a lone voice said from the back in clear and confident but not strident tone “stop apologizing for profit”.

There was silence and reflection. Then the same clear voice said – “the primary input for growth and change is wealth, we can’t do anything unless someone makes some”.

The room broke into conversation across and sideways. We’d heard about teaching green; accommodating and adopting styles to suit cultures and minorities; direct charity; off-regulation activities and managing across disciplines. We’d listened as we’d been told about the needs of groups for money and the evils of profit – yet here was a Professor willing to talk about the need for profit – more than that, the essential of profit to doing good.

It delighted me yet again that I was in the midst of a group with strong opinions, often differing, with the ability and willingness to consider opinions and then argue them. Loved it.

Of course there is no resolution and no right or wrong but participating in this type of discussion keeps me fresh and focused on how we can help our clients.

As always if anything takes your fancy please just call – I love to talk!

That’s it for this conference – and I’ve decided not to attend the big AOM conference in August – so until next time…