International Financial Institution


An international bank bought a large division of a competitor and wanted to integrate the operations and management in Asia, Europe and the US.


A global project was established to integrate the organizations. The project spanned all countries in which, one or both of the organizations had a presence. One arm of the project was operations and management. The project to integrate operations and management was run out of Asia, reporting to Head Office in Europe, with responsibility for Asia, some parts of Europe and the US.


The project had 24 streams involving:

  • Building relationships and trust quickly so the project could get underway
  • Getting alignment and agreement on the end point
  • Managing the expectations, hopes and disappointments of people impacted by the integration
  • Aligning suppliers of the old and new and managing transition
  • Ensuring all the IT systems worked from day one of the new operating model
  • Organizing all the physical integration
  • Managing the support services to enable seamless continuity of service from day one
  • Being present in each location to work with the local staff
  • Reporting to and coordinating with the Head Office in Europe
  • Reviewing and assigning contracts
  • Ensuring regulators in each location were aware and that the new operation was in compliance
  • Contacting impacted clients and managing the transition


The project had 11 months from conception to close out and there was no ambiguity about the scope or flexibility of completion date.


RNC ran the project for the acquirer.


The integrated operation and organization is functioning well. The client and stakeholders were happy and we’ve moved on to their next challenge.