Sponsorship – projects and programs

One of the most asked questions I get is “what is the sponsor’s role?”.

This morning I was answering the question again and decided to share it here.

The sponsor is the person who:

  • Cares most about having the outcome.
  • Will benefit most from the outcome.
  • Owns the business case.
  • Is willing and able to fight for the project and the resources.
  • Is willing and able to be a sounding board for the PM and a help when needed.
  • Is willing and able to use their influence with senior execs to promote and support the project.
  • Is respected by other execs and listened to by them.

Sometimes this person is on the senior exec team and sometimes they’re not. Some of the best I’ve seen and worked with weren’t at the top. A clue to finding a good sponsor is to look for the person everyone goes to for advice, help, and support. The ‘Go To’ person is the best sponsor.

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