Some of our people love to speak and are really interesting. Whether it’s an in-house session to a group of sponsors or project people, a large international conference on projects and programs, or a virtual session; we can provide the right speaker.

Whether your conference or meeting needs a highly structured or more relaxed presentation; or whether you want it information dense or more anecdotal, we have the right experience.

Some of our speaking engagements include:
  • Association of Global Management Studies (USA; England)
  • NASA project management challenge conference (USA)
  • UN Business as an Agent of World Benefit (USA)
  • ANZ Bank internal Project Manager meeting
  • ANZ Bank sponsor sessions
  • AMP project management practice
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) MBA Program
  • UNSW Graduate Engineering Program
  • PMI and AIPM events
  • CIO events
  • Primavera Conference
  • CBA in-house sessions
  • PMI Pharmaceutical Conference (USA)
  • Westpac Bank in-house PM practice sessions
  • Integral Energy in-house
  • ResMed in-house
  • Sage conference
  • ESI
  • CHI Conference (USA)
  • NSW Government in-house
  • Several International Women’s Day events
Some of the comments from attendees

“Engaging and informative”

“Good to hear from someone who really knows their stuff”
— attendee at client in-house session

“Funny as well as good content”
— conference planner

“Great feedback and highest rating”
— conference organizer

“Provoked thought”
— attendee at PMI conference

“Challenged my thinking”
— attendee at MGSM lecture

“Refreshing to have a presentation without PowerPoint”
— attendee at CIO conference

“Really knows her stuff and entertaining”
— attendee at CIO conference

“Clearly does this a lot, very professional”
— attendee at PMI event

“Exactly what we needed”
— attendee at client in-house session

Some previous presentations

We love to speak on anything and everything relating to projects, programs and portfolios. Some examples are:

  • Where’s the fun in failing (it must be fun as people keep doing it)?
  • The myth that is project management
  • Accreditation and qualification in project and program delivery – does it matter?
  • Complex and complicated projects and programs
  • Change management (we’ve never met a project that doesn’t cause a change)
  • The keys to project success and how to use them
  • Determining success – hint it’s when the client says so.
  • Does Project Management help?
  • 40% of organisational budgets go to projects….
  • 85% of projects fail: 85% of projects succeed.
  • Projects and programs – the basics
  • How we got here and where to next
  • Project management as a career
  • Seriously? You want all the projects and programs to use the same method? Across the whole organisation?
  • Types of projects and programs
  • A short lesson in the prevailing tools, methods and approaches
  • What’s in a name? Is it a project or a program or a portfolio? And does it need a manager or a director?
  • To sponsor or not to sponsor?
  • What is a sponsor and what do you have to do if you are one?
  • Sponsor wrangling for PMs
  • Reporting on projects and programs – please no more stop lights or % completes
  • Managing global projects
  • Influence for project and program leaders
  • I’ve never been asked to forensically review a successful project
  • Fixing troubled projects

Please contact us for information about our next planned presentations or about speaking at your event.