Everyone needs someone to look up to

Someone who inspires us, someone we want to be like, someone from whom we can learn.

For me, one of those people is Steve Denning.

I am extremely chuffed, and more than a bit excited, to be acknowledged in his latest book.

Steve’s a leading light in management thinking and practice. He’s been published in Harvard Business Review (HBR), helped the World Bank and is a columnist for Forbes.

The Age of Agile takes on the almighty task of demystifying Agile. What it means, where it can be used, and how it’s real power isn’t limited to software development.

In fact, the true power of Agile is when it’s used to enable fast and ‘agile’ activity by any organisation. It’s quite simple but not easy and most organizations baulk at the perceived cost. Until they see those who invest streak past them.

It’s worth a read here: http://amzn.to/2t77E3s