16 years ago today RNC opened for business. The single aim was to stop project failure.

It’s still our aim and we do it by helping you work out what to do, how and when; by providing the best people to lead your project and grow your people by working alongside them. Making sure you have the best people and approach to manage and deliver your project.

We’ve helped clients weather over a thousand projects. We’ve done that in many parts of the world. We’ve helped successful people build their careers on the reputation they gained by getting things done. We’ve rescued people and projects from the jaws of failure, and we’re proud of it.

We’re multilingual in terms of projects, programs, portfolios, methods, tools, ideologies, industries and cultures…… if it’s about delivering, we speak it.

However, regardless of language and tools our focus is on getting in, getting on, and getting it done.

You can’t prevent project storms but you can be prepared and ride through them safely.

That’s what we do, we make sure you’re safe.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon, and thanks for being part of the RNC story and journey.