RNC Global

To spare people and organisations from project failure, RNC Global Projects (RNC) was founded, by Diane Dromgold, in 1999. RNC’s expert specialty is fixing up flailing and failing projects; turning red to green and delivering.

RNC has grown to over 70 project and program people with clients including:

  • 16 of the top 100 ASX companies
  • 9 of the world’s largest banks
  • 11 technology companies
  • 7 wealth management clients
  • 8 biotechnology companies
  • 7 start ups
  • 4 insurance companies
  • 3 of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies
  • 3 digital currency players
  • 3 superannuation companies
  • 2 aged care providers
  • State and federal government organizations
  • Several Not-for-Profits
  • Various others in manufacturing, engineering, travel and health.

RNC also delivers projects, programs and portfolios, from their start and has delivered large and small projects throughout the world. With offices in Asia, the United States, and Australia, RNC is positioned to help clients wherever we’re needed.

See ‘Where We Work’ for our comprehensive client summary.