It’s our Birthday

Today it’s 18 years since RNC started. It didn’t start with a bang, in fact, there has never been an RNC bang.

You see we don’t believe in being showy, we believe in being different. Not whacky different, but different enough to make the point.

The point being that projects and programs by their very nature are set up to do something different. Something that can’t be achieved in the normal course of operations.

Yet, project and program management have barely evolved over decades. Sure, there’s more documentation, some tools, accreditation, even some methods. But fundamentally not much has changed.

At RNC we could have run with the pack and gone the commodity route. We could have provided people who do what everyone else does – and who get the results everyone else does. We might even have been bigger.

But we decided to be different. We think about each project, its intended purpose, and the culture in which it sits. Then we use the tools and methods that work, and some approaches we developed from thinking differently. No two projects are identical, and there is no reason they should be approached as though they are.

People tell me there is no scope for thinking differently about projects and programs, and their management and delivery.

People also thought that about umbrellas, but look what happened when someone said – yeah but the same as all the others just isn’t good enough. The inverted umbrella:

  • Stands on its own (no more awkward attempt to get the brollie to lean gracefully)
  • It fold outwards so you can sit in the car and open it before you get out. No more spirited rush to open or close before you get too wet.
  • The wetness is on the inside when you close it. No more wet car seats when you lay it down.

We’ve put up with the old umbrella thinking for centuries (literally, the first umbrella in the current default design dates to 1780), and then someone says, nah, there has to be a better way. The inverted umbrella was born and I can tell you from personal use, it’s a big improvement.

At RNC we’ve spent eighteen (18) years thinking differently about projects and programs and, more importantly demonstrating the power of doing things a little differently.

Some people say we’re ahead of the curve. We like to say we’re just where the curve needs to be for each project and program.

If you need your projects and programs to be done differently, please call. Or suggest to others who might be troubled by the same old, same old, to call us.

Sometimes people don’t want to just call a company cold, so please suggest they call me. Call Diane. I’ll take the call.

Check us out at RNC Global Projects. Message me for my mobile number, contact me via LinkedIn, or email me at

A little different thinking can make a world of difference to the outcome.