Are you on LinkedIn?

If you’re not on LinkedIn, do you exist?

That title about LinkedIn might seem trite, but it’s something I think we need to consider.

I run a company that sells services, services provided by people.

When a person I don’t know contacts me I look them up on LinkedIn. If I can’t find them I wonder. I don’t rule them out but I ask a lot more questions and do a lot more background work — if I think they’re worth it.

When I introduce people to clients, invariably the client will check them out on LinkedIn.

Twice recently I’ve had people seriously question whether the person I was suggesting should be considered. In both cases, the client turned them down. Not good for anyone.

Have we reached a place and time where we’re disadvantaging ourselves work wise if we’re not visible in the market? And for good/bad, right/wrong LinkedIn seems to be the market.

And while I’m at it, please, please, please make sure your LI profile matches your resume. I check and so do others and discrepancies raise questions and doubt.

*Article previously published on Medium.