I love it when people send in feedback and yes, I am reading it all. The feedback I received below came from a client who was commenting on their PMO (not an RNC PMO).

Some of the things they observe and find frustrating:

  • Making procedures which form a sort of unimaginative straight jacket within which tasks must be performed
  • Interfering with the process instead of just looking at the results
  • Thinking that only the way in which they want it done is the right way
  • Not trusting that it will work out all right. If they can’t leave the PM to do the job then either the PM or the PMO should go.

You may or (hopefully) may not recognise some of these characteristics. At any rate, this type of feedback serve as a handy wake up call… perhaps it should encourage all of us to remember to look constantly for better ways to work with our clients. What are your thoughts?