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Want this job? Large Project Delivery

Position Description Contribution Requirement

I’m so over position descriptions with their passive voice and vanilla statements.

I prefer a contribution statement, active voice, which tells it like it is. Here’s one I came up with which speaks to the truth. It’s fun, relax.

Contribution Requirement

Large Project Delivery

All responsibility, no authority

The contribution you are expected to make is:

·       Deliver the wanted outcome of a large project.

You will need to:

  • Ensure there is a clear and plausible reason for the project
  • Rework the business case to show compelling ROI (Intangibles not accepted)
  • Communicate with clarity and energy
  • Make sure everyone in and around the project is on the same page
  • Prepare for kick off workshops then organise the agenda,send invitations, confirm attendance, book the venue, prepare presentations, organise the food & transport. Have a backup plan to run the workshop alone when everyone pulls out at the last minute
  • Influence across and through the organisation to secure resources as and when needed
  • Negotiate 5 and 10% of people’s time to ‘help’ with the project
  • Plan the delivery using part-time staff – and still deliver as though they are full -time
  • Allocate work and chase people
  • Do what it takes without upsetting anyone
  • Work seamlessly across time zones, languages, cultures and competing demands
  • Work with the customer to figure out what it is that they want. Deliver what they said they wanted. Shoulder responsibility when they change their mind
  • Willing and able to complete seemingly endless paperwork and meet increasing and often down right strange requests for differing reports
  • Meet the deadline which was set before you determine feasibility and resourcing and before you made a plan

The resources you will have:

  • Access to key people – when they can give it
  • A very small full-time team but most of the resources you need will also have another job which will come first
  • No authority over resources
  • A sponsor who is too busy most of the time to actually listen and help
  • A delegate sponsor who can’t actually make a decision without going back to the sponsor
  • An antagonistic steering committee
  • An EPMO insisting on reports in various shades and varieties. Reports which add no value to the project, but which will take approx. 1 day a fortnight to prepare
  • Full responsibility and accountability for delivering the results – yes you will be ‘finished up’ if things don’t get well
  • Approx 2/3 of the budget you think it will take
  • Virtual resources who may of may not be available as needed
  • No authority over suppliers

In exchange you will:

  • Be paid
  • Work approx. 15 hours a day (often not continuously but broken to follow timezones)
  • Be criticized by all stakeholders (that’s how you’ll know you’re on track)
  • Attend the success party (and enjoy not being recognised for your contribution – the sponsor and team did it, you were only the facilitator); or
  • Shown the door if you can’t do it.

In the end:

It’s your job to make it happen. You’re responsible and accountable.

No excuses.

Want the job?

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