Hi, and Happy New Year!!

Thought you might like this as a reference list for your projects and programs in 2015…

If you want to generate positive results predictably and reliably, follow these practical and sensible guidelines for getting things done. Heeding these land mines on the path to success doesn’t guarantee success, but at least you’ll fail for new, surprising and more exciting reasons. Cling to the checklist as if your success depends on it… because it does!

  • Be completely & unrepentantly obsessed with the “Customer”.
  • Prioritize ruthlessly, choosing between heart, lungs & kidneys if necessary.
  • Provide shared, measurable, challenging, & achievable goals as clear as sunlight.
  • Create viable Plans & Schedules that enjoy the team’s hearty commitment.
  • Explicitly identify and plan to mitigate detestable Risks & delectable Accelerators.
  • Assure that Roles & Responsibilities are unmistakably understood and agreed by all.
  • Challenge Assumptions & Beliefs, especially insidious self-imposed limitations.
  • Manage the Expectations of all stakeholders: under-promise & over-deliver.
  • Anticipate and accommodate necessary and inevitable Change.
  • Engage in effective, vociferous & unrelenting Communication with all stakeholders.
  • Practice an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Celebrate success, and some failures, too.
  • Learn from experience. Make new and more exciting mistakes next time!

Author: Kimberly Wiefling