Hammer And Nail

Fit for purpose? Or fit for price?

Sometimes it’s OK to go for fit for price. When the product is a commodity and/or its use is limited. Or, if it doesn’t do the job – it doesn’t matter.

Other times the fit for purpose really does matter. If I were doing something which really mattered (perhaps like getting a new heart valve), I’d want fit for purpose over fit for price.

The challenge arises when we’re convinced that focusing only on fit for price will result in fit for purpose.

It is rarely so.

Someone says ‘we need X’. Someone else says ‘we’ve got a panel for that. We’ve negotiated the price really low’.

Great, are we getting exactly what we need?

If the answer is yes, that’s great.

Saving money is not the same as getting the job done. And it always costs more to fix something than get it right from the start. Seriously.