There are two primary ways we engage with clients. One is through consulting and the other is through executing.

In executing there are two ways we help:

Providing project, program and portfolio administrators, managers and directors to deliver your outcomes

The variety of experience is too detailed to list completely, however, we match the role to the skill set, qualifications and experience of our resources to ensure clients receive the right person to deliver their outcome.

  • Sponsors
  • Transformation Managers
  • Portfolio Directors and Managers
  • Portfolio Administration and Coordinators
  • Program Directors and Managers
  • Project Directors and Managers
  • Project Administration and Coordinators
  • Change Managers
  • PMO Directors, Managers and staff
Providing permanent placements of project, program and portfolio administrators, managers and directors

RNC believes in using the tools and methods to support execution. We do not believe in blind dedication, commitment, devotion and adherence to any particular process, method or tool is a guarantee of success.

All RNC people are multilingual in the major (and many of the minor) project, program and portfolio methods and tools. We’re all multilingual and multicultural across industries, domains and project types.

Please see our client section for a list of organisations and industries. We also explain the types of projects, programs and domains in which we’ve worked, including case studies for detailed explanations.

RNC is on many preferred supplier panels but if we’re not on yours, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the right person. The only thing we ask is that we get to talk to the person responsible for the outcome. The right combination is essential and if a project matters, providing resumes to a blind and pro forma request doesn’t do you justice.

RNC Method

There are many methods, tools and procedures for project management. In fact, almost all organisations providing services to help people succeed in projects, programs and portfolios devise, and promote their own method.

We’ve taken a different approach. We can, and do, work with whatever methods and tools your organisation uses. That way, we fit in more easily, can get going more quickly, and don’t cause you any ‘justification of variation’ problems.

If you don’t have a method or tools we can help you pick one, quickly and efficiently for your project. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Beyond The Current Thinking

RNC does have an approach that works with all methods and tools and we call it Magia™. Magia™ is the next logical step to delivering projects. Simply put, it enables all people on, in, and around the project or program to know who is doing what and when; and whom they’re depending on and who’s reliant on them. It provides individual context, which improves performance, especially when people are pulled in many directions. You don’t have to use the approach and it doesn’t need software, but it facilitates success and everyone reports a clearer, cleaner and more productive experience.

Magia™ stands on the shoulders of prior thinking and has moved it beyond traditional and even beyond current state of the art thinking.

Please email or call us for an explanation.