I was delighted to be invited to present my paper entitled “Blurred Boundaries: Projects – Programs – Business” at the 2014 International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies. The conference was held recently at Saïd Business School, the business school of the University of Oxford in England, and it was a truly global conference, featuring speakers from the USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Canada… and Australia, of course.

I was provided with a unique opportunity to display my commitment to the advancement of project management practices and I would like to share my paper and slide presentation with you. I hope you enjoy them.

“Blurred Boundaries: Projects – Programs – Business” – Diane Dromgold, AGMS 21-05-2014

AGMS Oxford – Slide Presentation – 21-05-2014

I will also be publishing further notes on the conference itself, so I look forward to your questions, comments and feedback on both the paper, and my perceptions.