There are two primary ways we engage with clients. One is through consulting and the other is through executing.

We specialise in:
  • Remediating and sorting out troubled projects, programs and portfolios
  • Turning red projects green
  • Reviewing inflight projects, programs and portfolios and suggesting (and sometimes implementing) changes
  • Guiding teams and sponsors through the project and program landscape
  • Choosing the right process, methods and tools for your specific needs
  • Mentoring/coaching sponsors and project, program and portfolio managers and directors
  • Setting projects and programs up so they can fly right – including applying past lessons learned
  • Getting the plan and the budget right
  • Post project and program reviews
  • Ensuring clients have the right person on the project.
  • Trusted advisor to project and program managers and sponsors throughout a project
  • Cancelling projects
  • Mothballing projects so they can be restarted.

These assignments are usually short-term and report to clients with the care and the clout to make a difference.

Pricing varies dependent on requirements and time, so please call us to talk about getting the help you need.

We have some extremely experienced people available for consulting. People who’ve actually done it, and more than once. People who have reflected on what worked and what didn’t; and who have the ability to transfer that knowledge and experience to you at the same time as you’re benefiting from it. When it comes to supporting clients to deliver projects, programs and portfolios, experience does count. Our founder says, “It’s essential to take advice only from people who’ve done it, and succeeded. That success has to be as expected by the client and not just self-proclaimed based on project management”.

This is often the best and most effective approach as you get a high capability person who not only helps but during the process transfers knowledge and experience to your team.

Please see the case study section for information about what some of our assignments.