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Truth. And, how would you like that?

When we order steak, coffee, spirits or eggs, we’re asked how we want them prepared and delivered. Do we want it with milk? Sugar? Rare? Medium? Rocks? Neat? Sunny side up? Over easy? Sides?

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Insults – I’ve had a few

I’ve tried not to write this – I really have. I’ve thought about it many times but always backed away. Why? I’ve been scared of the consequences.

But this morning I was tipped over.

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Who’s Accountable?

The caller wanted to get my thoughts on a program manager they were thinking of hiring.

A fog came over my brain and I was transported back two years.

It was a good day. Things had gone my way. I had space to think.

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Failure's Okay

Failure’s OK – Everyone’s Doing It!

One of the great mysteries of the 21st century. 40% of organisational budgets are allocated to projects (whether we call them projects or programs). Our education around managing projects accredits the structure, science, tools and admin. Yet people wanting the outcome are dissatisfied with the result 85% of the time.

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Ruining bitcoin

Central Control. Is It Ruining Bitcoin?

Peter Smith CEO of Blockchain wrote the following and I liked it so much I got permission to post it. Hope you get as much out of it as I have and like me see how it translates to so many areas. His post starts now…

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A Ticking Timebomb

I love my job. I love working on projects and I love getting to the point when the strain is relieved and things start to work. At that point, I’m often told ‘you guys at RNC are really lucky, every time you turn up things are easier’. I used to be offended but these days I look forward to what I call the ‘coincidence conversation’. A lot of hard work goes into that coincidence.

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