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Agile isn’t new

It’s the instinctive way smart people go about delivering hard complicated stuff – and have for a long time.

I know, I know, the Agilists (my word for the cult-like followers of the doctrine of Agile) say it is the way and the truth.

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Let’s build a wall

This is not a political post.

Yesterday, I received an email asking for my input into, comment on, a project to build a wall. I can’t tell you which wall.

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Game of Thrones

Working in a Game of Thrones World

I’ve lost count of the times people mentioned Game of Thrones (GOT) in business related conversations. At first I thought it was odd, then annoying, and finally realised it was pervasive.

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Strategy and Tactics

Strategy and Tactics

It’s only the 4th of January but already I’ve had two conversations about one of my hot buttons.

Today’s went like this.

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