Almost two years ago, Andrew was a senior executive in a large organisation here in Sydney.

Every day he went to work braced for trouble, bad news and budget overruns on the major project he was sponsoring. Andrew knew his career was in trouble as he didn’t feel quite as comfortable around the other execs and the top level guys.

Then, one day, over coffee, his friend from another company told him to call RNC; they’d dug him out of a hole a year ago and now he’d been promoted twice. The friends laughed about how their careers were no longer being judged on their day to day work but on their ability to sponsor projects.

Because of that conversation, Andrew called RNC, explained his challenges and engaged them. And because of that, within 3 months Andrew’s project was the poster project for the organisation.

Until finally it was delivered, the planned benefits tracked, exceeding expectations and Andrew has now been promoted.

I heard this story from another executive who called me this week because he’s just had a coffee conversation with Andrew…