I should have known you’d be interested in what clients don’t like. Previously, I published a list showing why RNC clients like our RNC PMs. You might have noticed that the LIKES list wasn’t about academic PM knowledge or the skills required to manage a project (even though we are proud of our reputation in these areas!). From the start, our clients need to know they can work with us, and vice versa. There’s no point moving on if you can’t get that right, and that’s what the LIKES list was all about.

So, I won’t keep you waiting…. You want to know what clients don’t like. And just a reminder, this is a summary of what clients didn’t like about non-RNC PMs. So I guess it’s what makes us different to the rest.

Clients didn’t like the non-RNC PMs because they:

  • Didn’t act like they were engaged with the business
  • Didn’t do any more than the minimum
  • Were precious and hard to work with
  • Wanted to tell us what we need, rather than doing what we want
  • Were way too focussed on paperwork, structure and reports… and didn’t understand that all I wanted was the bloody project delivered
  • Were full of excuses
  • Thought I’d be impressed with PM stuff (like big docs and complicated plans)
  • Didn’t fit into the culture
  • Didn’t read the politics
  • Played the politics
  • Thought the project was theirs and tried to belt us over the head with it
  • Seemed superior
  • Were not good with people

I could go on… this list has the potential to be a l-o-n-g one, but I think this sample definitely conveys the essence of what’s not to like. I sure am glad they aren’t talking about us!

As an aside, I was with an internationally acclaimed organisational psychologist yesterday and learned the following: The single biggest attribute of people who succeed is charm (yes, I know we all think we are charming, but I’m now on a mission to find out what it is and I’ll let you know).