A Project Manager’s Guide to Influence

Project managers who think their job is simply to execute their plan are deluding themselves. Clients want people who can fit in and work out how to get it done. Nobody paves the way and project managers have to figure out how to influence.

Influence is key when running a project or program and I had the pleasure of working with Colin Gautrey in 2014, whilst he was writing his book ‘A Project Manager’s Guide to Influence’.

His book empowers and guides project managers how to become more influential (a topic close to my heart). It will encourage you to look at your project from a completely different perspective. You will learn how to make sense of the powerful dynamics shaping life for you and your stakeholders. Then it will show you processes you can adopt to ensure that you influence and what needs to be influenced. If you are managing a project or program, no matter what size it is, I encourage you to read it. I’m certain you will be inspired to influence.

I thought it was so good I sent it to all my staff. How is that for an endorsement?

Here is the link: https://www.learntoinfluence.com/projects/