Yesterday, I attended a meeting with a PM represented by another company. He’d heard me speak late last year – wouldn’t have been hard as I spoke at 11 events in 10 weeks – and also knows some RNC people (past and present) and asked if he could PAY RNC to provide to him the support he’s seen us provide to other people.

I was humbled. The org he works through provides no support, no contact, and the principals are interested in bums on seats rather than the success of their people and their clients.

This man wants to move to RNC but in the meantime I’ve agreed that for a daily rate (which he is paying himself) we’ll provide the sounding board, advice and support we usually provide as part of working with us.

This is a brand new angle for RNC and thinking about it overnight, I thought – why not?

So if you know anyone looking for help, please put them in touch with us.

In the meantime, I hope you’re settling back to the year and as always please call if we can help.