I used to think, and say vociferously, that if a project fails it’s the fault of the PM – black and white. There wasn’t a case where I allowed for any other commentary.
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A Project Manager’s Guide to Influence

Project managers who think their job is simply to execute their plan are deluding themselves. Clients want people who can fit in and work out how to get it done. Nobody paves the way and project managers have to figure out how to influence.

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Hi again,

As the U.S. trip continued, a couple of competing themes became evident:

Businesses want to cut out middlemen to reduce costs when both buying and selling. However, individuals are preferring to buy and sell through aggregators. It will be interesting to watch.

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This morning I was asked to provide a PM with what I would look for in a project or program review so the PM can make sure they’re ahead of the curve. I thought it was a really smart question and immediately pulled my brain into gear and produced this straightforward, straight talking template.

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International Women’s Day has been observed across the globe for over one hundred years.

Celebrated since the mid 1970s on 8th March, this important day is an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the struggles and achievements of women through the years. It’s also a reminder that each and every one of us can contribute to ensure that all girls and young women will look forward to a safe, fulfilling future with unlimited equal opportunities and freedom of choice.

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