Measure The Value Not The Cost

Yesterday I met a really smart man. But not only is he smart he’s also clever. You see he’d called me to talk about helping with a ‘Red’ project. A big project that’s very complicated, has a very big budget and is on its fourth project manager. It should be finished.

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Why Isn’t Project Management Easy Anymore?

I remember when project management was easy! Not easy to deliver the project – that has always been hard work, and will continue to be so. It was easy because the project was all you had to focus on. The project manager had inputs, deliverables, time and a set of resources. Project management was about managing those elements to produce the desired result or finding a solution if those resources were insufficient.

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I Don’t Know Everything… Do You?

I don’t know everything. In fact, I don’t know a lot of things. But what I do know, I know really well. That’s the secret to running projects and programs which deliver what you want.

I’ve written about this topic a lot recently. Specifically focusing on how PM’s get distracted and work on the outcome they think is best, and not the outcome the sponsor wants.

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Don’t Make Me Work On A Project. Please.

I love projects. I love the sense of mission. I love the focus.

I love seeing something finished. I love delighting sponsors and clients. I love that I get to start new things over and over in different places and with different people. My favourite thing of all is righting a listing project, getting everything humming and seeing the people thriving.

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You Are the Best, So Do Whatever You Like

Congratulations! You just won a new assignment that involves a lot of responsibility in a high profile situation. You’ll probably be tempted to immediately apply the full spectrum of your skills and experiences, so that you can figure out the right path forward.

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