Advice for Project Managers

I love a challenge and yesterday Rogerio Manso gave me one. To distill my knowledge, experience and advice into one paragraph. Never to be beaten I thought hard on it and went around a few times. I was answering the question, “if you could only give one piece of advice to someone wanting to be a terrific project manager what would it be”?

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Agile Waterfall

Agile Is The New Waterfall

This article appeared in Medium and I had to share it. It’s not mine. The author is Amir Yasin. While I don’t agree in entirety (and think there are times when a waterfall is the go) I am totally aligned with the need to not follow one doctrine for every situation. I’m sure this will generate as much comment here as it did on Medium.

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Why did you go?

Why did you go?

The most common question I get asked is why did you go?

I just got back from the Academy of Management conference.  It was great. Over 10,000 people assembled to share and talk about all aspects of management. Academics, leading lights in organisations, authors and practitioners.

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Truth. And, how would you like that?

When we order steak, coffee, spirits or eggs, we’re asked how we want them prepared and delivered. Do we want it with milk? Sugar? Rare? Medium? Rocks? Neat? Sunny side up? Over easy? Sides?

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Insults – I’ve had a few

I’ve tried not to write this – I really have. I’ve thought about it many times but always backed away. Why? I’ve been scared of the consequences.

But this morning I was tipped over.

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Who’s Accountable?

The caller wanted to get my thoughts on a program manager they were thinking of hiring.

A fog came over my brain and I was transported back two years.

It was a good day. Things had gone my way. I had space to think.

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