Don't rock the boat

We want change. Don’t rock the boat.

I’ve learned to interpret this sentiment, whether implicit or explicit, to mean “make the change seamless” “don’t upset people” “don’t disrupt the current operation” and “keep the noise low”.

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Mr or Mrs?

Mr? Mrs? Miss? Ms? Mx?

Last week I met a man called Beverly.

It got me thinking. Before I met him I’d built a picture in my mind (and it wasn’t of a man). As I thought more, my thinking went from names to forms of address.

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I need a project manager….

True conversation.

Caller: I need a project manager.

Me: Great, what are you looking for them to do? (I knew as soon as I asked I was a numpty but the words were out).

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Agile isn’t new

It’s the instinctive way smart people go about delivering hard complicated stuff – and have for a long time.

I know, I know, the Agilists (my word for the cult-like followers of the doctrine of Agile) say it is the way and the truth.

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