Mr or Mrs?

Mr? Mrs? Miss? Ms? Mx?

Last week I met a man called Beverly.

It got me thinking. Before I met him I’d built a picture in my mind (and it wasn’t of a man). As I thought more, my thinking went from names to forms of address.

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I need a project manager….

True conversation.

Caller: I need a project manager.

Me: Great, what are you looking for them to do? (I knew as soon as I asked I was a numpty but the words were out).

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Agile isn’t new

It’s the instinctive way smart people go about delivering hard complicated stuff – and have for a long time.

I know, I know, the Agilists (my word for the cult-like followers of the doctrine of Agile) say it is the way and the truth.

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Let’s build a wall

This is not a political post.

Yesterday, I received an email asking for my input into, comment on, a project to build a wall. I can’t tell you which wall.

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